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Software that can help you keep track of your work while you run your home office.

Over 4 million people work at home. If you are also fans of the home office check sites that will help you organize this work. The following are programs and apps that are simply a must have if you would like to work in an organized well from home, without having to deal with any issues or high costs.

There are tons of different solutions that were designed to make working in home office system, creating audit schedules and results of the staff that are outside the company, and facilitate communication with tools such as corporate messenger, video conferencing, screen sharing, among others. This is especially good for employees of companies that are in a way have their home offices. (even though they are hired by someone that pays a fix wage they still have to deal with organization at home etc).

The market is growing and so is software.

The uncontrolled growth of large financial centers makes it increasingly difficult to leave the house and come to a workstation. Chaotic traffic, overvaluation of commercial real estate and lack of parking are the main complicating, among many others.

Thinking about it many companies are now investing in the creation of Home Office Management software, a solution to be viable remote work, generating financial savings, preventing the company loses control over the employee and ensuring that communication outside the company to be effective. Such software can also be quite useful for freelancers or work-at-home employees that even though are not hired by a fix employee still need to organize their time and work at home in an effective way to meet deadlines and serve their clients the best way possible.

Here are some software suggestion for those who want to make the best out of working from home.

- Harvest - organizes work teams, customers and sales

- Cashboard - helps control the weather, estimates and billing

- TimePanther - helps to manage time, set tasks, share projects and calculate recite available

- Evernote - organizes your offline ideas and allows access to all online, all in a large database

- Smartr - organizes contacts even if different networks, such as social networks, emails and phones

- Free time - scans your calendar and displays the free time opportunities

- Remember the Milk - online task list calendar

Apart from such software private companies that hire certain employees to work from home might provide their own software to track down their worker while he or she works from home.


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